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I was kabitzing with a Supernova old-timer at a Starbarks, discussing the merits of a coordinants (sp) based navigation system (used in pervious versions of SN) versus the current warp-point system. During the discussion, I wondered why, in a future iteration of SN, you couldn't combine the two? Here's my idea;


The universe is made up of clusters, navigation in which are coordinate-based. There's enough room in each cluster for three or so empires, which could meet each other after a comparitively small number of turns.


Hidden in each cluster (perhaps orbiting stars or planets) are three or four warp points which allow passage to other clusters. These must be discovered, and perhaps can only be discovered after a certain tech is reached.


Thoughts? And... really... let me know how to spell coward in ants!



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There are predictable reoccuring patterns in how the systems are layed out, but the 1-way warps force the pattern to look rather chaotic.


If you focus on those odd 1-ways those are the links to clusters you are looking for.


If you get a large enought map you are start to see what I am talking about.


Of course for game play it makes it rather hard to get around and find people if you don't have a database that can crunch the numbers and such.


But all in all I do like the suggestion.


Lord SaHeru

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