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I have started posting Polls to give everybody and idea what is happening in the universe. You have to take the results with a grain of salt since we all are poor fisherman at times. :laugh:


Many of the Veteran players were involved with alliances early on and could get an idea of what was good, great, abysmal etc.. from their mates. For many of the newer folks this may not be happening, older ones to for that matter.


So, lacking any sort of top ten list from RTG ( which would really be nice as well as truthful) we are left with polls.


I would encourage you to be as candid as you can be. The polls are anonymous so nobody knows, which also means that there is little disinformation benefit from making claims that aren't close to factual.


If there is enough interest I will repost them from time to time so that we can all get a new benchmark for our favorite stat.





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I for one appreciate the insight. After spending so much time/$ on a game many of us still are only looking through a keyhole into the gameworld. I would suggest that you only do one poll a week to avoid flooding the forums and to help target discussion. Also I request you add "How many homeworlds does your largest empire control" to the official Hobknob Poll series.

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Good thoughts and I appreciate the ideas that you and Clan Elder Keen have put forth regarding the polls. It is interesting to see although I do take some of these results with a grain of salt as I assume that there are some who my want to spread a little disinformation regarding one or another of these topics. However it is still fun to see where one falls on the list.

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