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Did you scrap your starting ships?

Lord Xaar

Did your empire keep its Pathfinders and Bastion?  

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I find these Pathfinders rather useful.


They are still in service as A or B WP crackers, system/planet surveyers or

with an addition of a small cargo ship they make excellent EXPL-ships.


So it never came to my mind to scrap these.


But I must admit I did not build more on my own.

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I don't find pathfinders particularly useful, but it has never been worth scrapping them. The part aren't really worth anything and within 12 turns most would be out of date anyway. Even a new position has little use for the stuff on a pathfinder.


The Bastion is another story as it is very useful.



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The part aren't really worth anything

I beg to differ: fuel shuttles & survey landers don't get upgrades (at least until now for me :drunk: and are useful on the following generations. Also lot of ships don't need better than 1 Mk1 nuclear engine. Reusing these components spare BI orders.

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