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Have you seen these empires?

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We have run into the Templars as well. We've only been playing about 15 turns and it worries me that the large core cats are in this area.


Engarta Economic Operations Cooperative


I wouldnt worry too much... The fact that they are in the area doesnt mean a whole lot. Perhaps they have mapped very very far from thier home space

and any aggressive moves that far away are just not worth the unimaginable

logistics should they decide to pursue conflict.

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Our spheres of influence begin to mesh.  What are your intentions, in our shared sectors of space?



Pride Eldress

The Gosht Kohr


I have met the Templars, but only this turn, so I am awaiting a reply from them after sending them a missile, sorry missive.


I have no contact with your space, only the Templars. my intents are only peaceful and to move around my space using no ships only transporters.

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