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Excluding Items in CONV


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Global Exclusion lists for LC (Load Cargo) and OC (Offload Cargo) have been added. During execution of an LC, ALL order, if an item is found in the Load Cargo exclusion list, that item will not load. It is skipped as if it was not present in the population group. The same is true for OC, ALL orders - items in Fleet Cargo will be skipped if they are encountered during an OC, ALL order and are listed in your OC exclusion list. To add items to your LC exclusion list, issue an LC order with the special keyword GLOBAL EXCLUDE as the first item. Example: 'LC, 12345, 25, GLOBAL EXCLUDE, 0, Processed Radioactives, 0, Light Beam Laser, 0' would add Processed Radioactives and Light Beam Laser to your LC exclude list. This order acts like a toggle, so if either or both of those items happened to be on your LC exclude list already, they would be removed. 'OC, 12345, 501, GLOBAL EXCLUDE, 0, Fuel, 0, Light Drone, 0, Interceptor, 0' would add Fuel, Light Drone and Interceptor to your OC exclude list (or remove them if already on that list). These lists are only checked when

an LC, ALL or OC, ALL order is encountered. It is also checked if you happen to enter an LC, ALL NO FUEL or OC, ALL NO FUEL order. Imperial Flag has been added to the LC exclusion list for every empire. The population group and fleet #'s entered in these GLOBAL EXCLUDE LC and OC orders do not matter, because these are global lists used for your entire empire. You can still use the ALL NO FUEL option if you like, but this system sort of replaces it - you could simply add Fuel to your LC

exclude list.

[8] Specific LC and OC item exclusions has been added as well, for use with regular versions of those orders. Just list an item like you would normally, but use the keyword EXCLUDE as the quantity and that item will be skipped. Example: OC, 12345, 34, Construction Materials, 25000, Fuel, EXCLUDE, Crystals, 10000 would load Construction Materials and Crystals but would skip loading Fuel. These specific exclusions are checked during LC, ALL or OC, ALL orders as well as regular LC and OC orders. For the most part I'd expect the global lists to have items added such as Fuel, Processed Radioactives and Water (things needed for Power generation) or OC exclusions for expendables such as fighters or drones. Using specific exclusions during an LC, ALL order would look like this: 'LC, 12345, 25, ALL, 0, Fuel, EXCLUDE, Construction Materials, EXCLUDE, Processed Radioactives, EXCLUDE'. This would load everything from pop group # 12345 onto fleet # 25, but would skip Fuel, Construction Materials and Processed Radioactives. Make sure to put a number in for the quantity field right after the ALL keyword - it isn't used for anything, but you need to get past it to start entering excluded item names...so put some number in there and then start keying in <item name>, EXCLUDE pairs as if you were entering a regular LC or OC order.

Maybe this can solve your problem

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Hi all -


How do I exclude CM from being picked up at a colony world. We have our CONV set but it keeps picking up the extra Construction Materials.





(hiding from Large Cats, Knights in Armor (Templars) and anyone else in our neck of the woods


You have two options. Exclusions or specify each item to be picked up. I am assuming that you want to do an LC all and exclude certain items from the Load.


Exclusions can be Global (empirewide) or local. I would do a local exclusion for CMs since you may want to pick them up in some places but not others.


The LC order then is


LC, PopID, Fleet ID, All (or All no Fuel), "blank", Construction Materials, Exclude, etc.


The Exclude command is in the pull down for quantity.


Hope this helps.

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Here is what I do:


I create two pop groups per colony. The first pop group has all the population and facilities, the second one only has enough facilities to offset attrition. When I record a convoy route, I send the fleets to the planet, OC the cargo into the first pop group, LC ALL from the second pop group, and bring the fleet back home.


Any fleets on EXPL duty also have X commands to XOC their finds into the second pop group. This way the EXPL finds get sent back home.


If the first pop group has mines and Industrial Complexes, then there also needs to be a Transportation Center in each pop group. This takes 500,000 Construction Materials, so it may not be feasable for beginning empires. Then a TR command or XTR command moves items from the first pop group to the second pop group that you want to have sent home.


Also, don't forget that you still need to EXCLUDE fuel and possibly other things for OC orders into the first pop group.

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