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Unofficial Names for Supernova

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Supernova:  You'll Need More than That!





I have 5,000 screens. "You'll Need More than That!"


I am producing 2M tons of Advanced Electronics per turn. "You'll Need More than That!"


I can move 5000 colonists per month. "You'll Need More than That!"


Two allies are willing to join me take out the Evil Clown Empire. "You'll Need More than That!"




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There's the snarky ...




NearlySuperNova: Rise of the [Almost Done] Empires


There's the frustrated ...




SuperNova: Pete's Still Working On That


There's the militant ...


SN3 - PS&D


SuperNova III - Pirates, Screens and Dreadnaughts


and, of course, the absurd ...




SuperNova III - Pulsars, Quasars and StarBars




-SK :beer:

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