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Alien Empire,

I have attempted through both the official holochannel frequencies as well through off channel means to contact you. You have either chosen to ignore my many missives or your Empire is rife with internal strife and disorder and no official goverment exists.


We are at the border to your HW system as apparent by the below fleet sighting. If a goverment indeed exists we look forward to your immediate response to our hail. If not we assume the later choice is correct and have no choice but in the spirit of stability to the region move in and accept the burden of stewardship over your empire. It is a heavy task but one we have performed many times before.


This IS our FINAL attempt at communication with goverment officials.


Emperor Locklyn


Alien Fleet Sighting : *CENSURED BY ISS* Warp Point # *****4 [in-system move by empire # 2060]

[stellar cartography reports that Warp Point # 1****4 has not yet been surveyed by your scouts]

*CENSURED TO ESTABLISH VERACITY OF CLAIMS* # *CENSURED* 'Heraldry Censured for veracity of claims'

801st Tanker Squadron [Quebec]

1 LTA Dionysus (Light Tanker - 50,200 tons)

903rd Colonial Transport Fleet [Quebec]

1 COLL Hera (Large Colonial Transport - 770,000 tons)

2 LF Penteconter (Light Freighter - 26,000 tons)

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