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Notice to the Tygen Empire


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To the leaders of the Tygen Empire:


I bid you Greetings from the Dookians. Sadly, I must convey to you the impending danger you face ;) . The Tygen's must fall within the general sphere of influence of the Gost Khor and Gjorhaan. A short time ago a general "please contact us" message was posted by Shathar directed to you. To date, you have not responded in a public forum.


Your lack of response will eventually be justification for Shathar to further encroach on your territory, perhaps take your homeworld and enslave YOUR cubs and kittens. Of course your enslavement will be justified as Shathar will have "no choice due to recent alliance agreements" as enforced by the WILL OF GJORHAAN. The devil made me do it Shathar will sigh.


And general galactic attitude will be one of permissivity. After all, Shathar has been "reasonable". Shathar has posted a notice that you choose to ignore. After many sighs, Shathar will regretfully announce that you will be annexed and few will cry for the Tygens.

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