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xxxxx 'Bright Star Emerging Behind A Red Moon'


Yes, YOU won a meeting with our esteemed leader, a FREE visit of our imperial palace and extremely lucrative business deals! In fact these business deals are so lucrative that they can only be revealed to you IN PERSON by our trusted diplomatic personal. So don't let your luck pass: PM or Email me NOW!

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Calamaran was getting restless. 4 days have passed since captain Krill from the pathfinder Segerti answered the message that was sent from the alien vessel and nothing had happened since. No communications, no movement, nothing. It was just sitting there.


Calamaran wondered what the problem could be? The aliens seemed eager enough to initiate first contact so Calamaran had expected that there would be some sort of reply. This silence was getting on his nerves. The message that the alien vessel sent had been difficult to translate into Calamari as our own language is so very different from the alien one; maybe the message that the Segerti send back translated into the alien language had ticked the aliens off? Perhaps the translation was not so accurate as the translators of the Imperial institute for alien races claimed and the aliens had been offended? Perhaps the message was not clear and they were pondering what to make of it? So many question, so many possibilities.


Then, Calamaran made up his mind: Perhaps the aliens can afford to do nothing, he couldn't. The security of the homeworld was at stake and something needed to be done.


Calamaran had a message send to captain Krill of the Segerti. Minutes later, the Segerti send out a third message on all channels in both Calamari and the alien language:

"Alien vessel, this is Captain Krill of the Calamari pathfinder Segerti. You have entered into Calamari space. Identify yourself.

Do not attempt to move beyond this system or you will be fired upon. The A-class wormhole in this system is off limits for you."


about half an hour later Calamaran received news that the message had been sent. Still no word from the aliens.

"Computer, set up a secured channel to the admiral of the homeworld defense fleet." Not even a minute later, the channel was open and Calamaran was now in direct contact with the admiral of the fleet.


"Admiral, you will move the fleet to the edge of the system were first contact has been made. There it will stay until called for."


- "Yes my lord. What are we to do if the aliens decide to move deeper into our territory?'


"You have weapons, don't you? Use them if you must. Good luck admiral."


- "To us all, my Lord."


A short while after that, a bright flash was seen on the evening sky. The home fleet was underway to take up their positions.

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After seeing off captain Krill at the airlock, communications have now been established.


Captain Krill did not seem to know how to handle the new communications equipment properly and therefore can now be admired cruising through space, maybe floating towards a starsystem near you.


Don't expect him to wave...



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