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So, just a short jump from my HW system is a beautiful system with a couple very nice asteroid belts for iron, a terrestrial world for lumber, and a few other nice planets that Ive been colonizing heavily, as well as several WPs to other interesting places. The "best" planet in this system is one that has slightly lower gravity, slightly higher temperature and very similar terrain to my HW. Its pretty much my peoples equivalent of Hawaii :blush: Unfortunately, its resources are pretty average...not BAD, but nothing special.


I may just be wasting production and time, but the colony population there is growing fast. I suppose the Imperial Sports Complexes and Imperial Resorts, as well as Imperial Administration Centers dont hurt. (Oh, its got plenty of nice Gem and Crystal Mines too, so its not a complete waste). Thats before the Imperial Medical Centers (thats still 2 turns away). I havent built any Textile Mills...I know those increase growth too, but my people dont wear clothes, so its kind of superfluous. I'm just curious if anyone else has actually thought of moving their Imperial Capitol.


Clearly, my Homeworld is going to remain the HW...but with more and more Industrial Complexes and Stripmines, it could soon turn into something more like Pittsburgh than Honolulu. I'm curious if there would be any positive, or negative, repercussions to DISM my Imperial Palace, Imperial Zoo, Imperial Museum, and other "only 1 needed in Empire" installations, put my Queen on a (heavily guarded) ship, and rebuild my capitol (CON the installations) on the paradise world.

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