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WWII Online/Video games?


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I love Vic, but waiting 2 weeks for my WWII fix is no fun. Anyone know any other good video or online WWII games that are out there?


I've tried most of the PC FPS' WWII games and they're good. WWII Online, though a great concept, is a mess. I'm looking for something good to play, preferably against other people. Strategy would probably be better.



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I understand what you are talking about.

It is always hard to wait for your turn results, but its worth it.

I also wished it was a ONE week turn-schedule but I am not experienced or attending long enough at this to claim anything.

I am looking forward to Victory! II and hope it will come soon.

So far the game is really a lot of fun and strategy thus hard to handle at some points.

Russ, hear our prayers! :cheers:

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Have you tried Hearts of Iron II a great WW2 Strategy Game based on real events that you can alter and play any country.


Or for online a simple free game that I have played many times



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Hmm, I came across this site.  Anyone played any of these?






Combat Missions and Strategic Command are quite fun. But SC is quite easy against the

AI. But can be played via another opponent online and play-by-email.


I can recommand the Hearts of Iron games as well as Europa Universalis II (not WW II)

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Hay Meatball!


Spartacus mentioned Global Conflict, I play it daily. It helps, me anyway, fill the gaps between turns. Combine Axis and Allies with Risk and pump it up with steroids :cheers: . You play against other people and turns are every day

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Hmm, I'll have to check out Global Conflict. I did end up buying Combat Mission Beyond Overlord from Battlefront.com. Was only $15, and it's actually pretty good.


Not really strategy on a grand scale though, more small unit tactics, 3 man rifle teams, a few tanks and that type of size.


Graphics aren't particularly the best, but overall it's worth the $ if you got the cash :D There's free demo's for all their stuff too if you want to just try it out.

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I have just started playing Global Conflict, my login name is Brogs....


Hey I found a really interesting turn based single player AND PBEM. I is called War in the Pacific and man it is COMPLEX :( . If you play in PBEM mode you basically email your turn to your opponent who loads it then plays his turn and emails it to you. A buddy of mine and I are going to try it in a week or so.





- Andy Brogan

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