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This game is a bit daunting at first. But research the forums, ask for advice, and hang in there! And yes definetely, start a new users group to help each other out. All of us older players have worked hard to gain information on the tech tree. And we are a little reluctant to give that information out. But all the information you need to get started is freely available. It just takes time to assimilate all of it. Plenty of spreadsheets are available for free as well.

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This game can be very overwhelming for newcomers in the beginning to the point that I was ready to quit but I stayed with the game and a lot of people here helped me through the worse of it. As said before, searching through this forum can turn up a wealth of information. Here's a few samples I found in a few minutes by doing a word search for "tips".


- Replying to Advice for new players


- New Player Tips/Aids


- Considering playing... have a few questions, Newbie type questions


- Beginners strategy?


- New Player to be..., minor questions before starting the game


Cheers! :thumbsup:

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