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Aquatic Cities?


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Hi all, Haven't posted in a while, RL taking precedence. However, here is one I asked about previously but never got much of an answer to.


I have the ability to CONstruct Subterranean Cities. Not surprisingly one pre-requisite is "Subterranean Installation Construction". However, I have also completed the "Aquatic Installation Construction" technology. But, so far, I have not developed Aquatic Cities.


So, can anyone help me on this? In all the vast experience pool out there (no pun intended), has anyone ever developed the ability to CONstruct an Aquatic City? Has anyone ever run across a neutral with an aquatic city?


Pete, care to shed some comments? I'm going crazy here cause it seems a safe assumption that we should be able to develop an Aquatic City construction since we can develop Subterranean City construction...



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Way back in the dawn of time, worlds were separated into subterranean, aquatic and surface zones for ground combat purposes. Troops had to be equipped with appropriate gear or suffer significant penalties and so on. It was pretty complicated and never made it to the final release.


As it stands, Subterranean Cities can be constructed and just like regular Cities and Domed Cities, they help in colonization attrition. You can build one of each and the effects do stack favorably. You could build 1 City, 1 Subterranean City, 1 Domed City for the same 100 population and their benefits would all add in. There are no actual Aquatic Cities currently, but having Subterranean Installation Construction technology and/or Aquatic Installation Construction technologies grants an across-the-board General class colonization bonus. That's good because it applies to all of your colonies everywhere. Neither provides a gigantic bonus, but the bonus does stack with everything else and is in all ways favorable. Thus, just by researching those technologies, your colonists are assumed to build underground or in aquatic environments when it favors them, and they receive slightly lower attrition as a result.

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