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board Virus???


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Every time I log on to the board at home or at work my virus software is going crazy!


Smome sort of virus is appearing to be trying to execute from my temporary internet page file? What is happening?


I just posted a note about this (in multiple forums) so see that for more info. The virus has been cleared and we've updated to the newest version of the board software so things should be more secure in the future. As I mentioned in the other post - it would be a good idea to make sure your virus software is up to date, to run a complete scan as soon as you can to be on the safe side and to clear out your Temporary Internet Files (the file my AV software was identifying was adv497[1].htm so if nothing else make sure you clear that one out).


First time we've ever had a virus problem here - hopefully it will be the last time :pirate2: It was definitely a "0" on the fun meter.




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