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What OS do you run Victory on?

What OS do you run Victory on?  

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as long as DOS is running the show who cares :woohoo:



only thing I would like is an option to have an airborne regiment extra on top of another regiment..

would improve the switching and transfer of t roops a bit



hmm and improve the subs.... I like those ones

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To anybody that is using Mac,


Do you have any programs to replace the manager or entery programs? My friends PC bit it and he prefers his Mac anyway. I've been thinking about switching also.




Rogue Leader


I am using a Mac but use Virtual PC to emulate Windows XP. That way I can use the SN Entry program and Microsoft Access. I share a folder between Virtual PC and the Mac OS so that it shows up in both the Mac Finder and in Windows Explorer. That allows me to move files such as SN data files and order files between the two environments just using drag-and-drop. This is the only use I have for Virtual PC but it works very well.


Now for the not-so-good news. Microsoft have announced that they have stopped supporting Virtual PC. But the better news is that Mac users will be getting Parallels which is claimed to give a better integration of Windows software with the Mac OS. Parallels may be available as a stand-alone program for the current Mac OS. I have not seen Parallels nor do I know anyone who is using it right now. There may be someone out there who is more familiar with it. java script:emoticon(':beer:',%20'smid_37')


I highly recommend switching to the Mac OS. I find it much smoother and easier to use than Windows. At work I have to use Windows and it always feels clunky - and there is the irritating way that Microsoft software tries to enforce a Microsoft way of doing things rather than allowing a user to work the way that is most comfortable.


Colin Glanville java script:emoticon(':cheers:',%20'smid_10')

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Hey all. Taking an informal poll to find out what Operating Systems players use to do their Victory orders. That includes viewing the turn sheet, order entry, planning, etc.


Windows Vista.. :D and al fine so far

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