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Admiral Daoud

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WHo care if it is Sponge...


SYRIA.. GO GO... !!!


Best country there is... oh and some advise.. stay friends with egypt and use your friends as cashcows..

your harem life will be great.....


hmm did I tell you about my new summer palace at the black sea is about to get some horrid competiton from a spa all the way up the North..... maybe I will get me one of those icehotels.... those look fun....

hmmmmm.. I have to draw plans for this cold future....

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Guest General Spongebob Squarepants

Grimor? You playing this game or what? declare yourself and become one with the sponge.


All those who wish to surender now can do so and you will become part of Greater Spongy. The Sponge speaking people of the world shall be united under one banner.


All hail the Sponge


GO TEAM SPONGE GO GO GO :blink::huh::pirate2::alien::taz::blink::pirate2::huh:

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