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Could someone tell me if Pete has dropped off the face of the Earth or went off on vacation?


On Friday, I got my Data File in the email but no email containing the PDF file for my Turn Results. I sent an immediate email informing him of this on Saturday but when Monday came with no answer, an sent another email but it's Tuesay now and still nothing. Maybe he's busy but how hard can it be to read a simple email titled "Missing Turn Result" and send out another one. I'm stuck and can't touch my turn because I'm not sure what is going on with my Empire. Did I have any research breakthroughs? Did my scouts find anything of interest in the next system? Etc...


I'm just not happy about this situation. :D

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Checking my pete@rollingthunder.com email address, I don't see anything from you :ranting: Fortunately you have your name and empire # in this message, so I'll send out another pdf right now :D


I got the PDF file this morning. Thanks Pete. I sent you two emails using the one on the Contact Page on your website for SuperNova: 'supernova@rollingthunder.com'. Better get this look after to avoid future confusions. After 5 days with no answer from anyone, I was feeling left out to dry.


I'm still in this game for the long haul. Take Care everyone. :ph34r:

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