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Hail Carthiginians.


Since your Hannibal account has not been active since 07MAY2006 its unlikely you would receive an email sent through these forums. To encourage inter empire communications note my email address is ------ sncoconutheads@yahoo.com


This email address and a brief message will be sent as an in game MESS next turn to ensure that it is known to you. I encourage dialog.

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Who awakens me from my slumber?...a coconut-head? :D What exactly is a coconut-head? Dang, that was a good nap :D

Been trying to reach me since last May you say? I'm still on last April's business...my how time flies.


Your message is received and responded to, according to the priority it was assigned. Our bureaucracy is sluggish, neighbor...have patience. Our space has been quiet and tranquil until recently, when multiple empires decided to make such a commotion in our space.



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