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Thanks for the clue - I did find a Yahoo Group for official SNROTE announcements but there's no content and it hasn't been used in years...


The forum I was thinking about wasn't in Yahoo tho... it was somewhere else - back in 2002 or earlier - I forget.


Google doesn't find anything either :D


Thanks anyway

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Hi Guys,


We had an ezboard forum when SuperNova first came out but it wasn't maintained when we switched to an Invision board. I had an old link that I tried but I wasn't able to find the old board so I assume that it's gone unless its stored in some historical cache somewhere.



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I went to Yahoo Groups and just used the search function. I searched for:







I got no matches so I'm not sure where you were searching.


I cheat. I go to the Haven Expanse forum in Yahoo Groups, which I have bookmarked, then I go to "My Groups", and there it is: "SN_ROTE" (And also there is the LOST forum, in which every episode is fully digested and analyzed before dawn - useless for me, since I watch them on tape (g))


The http site: games.groups.yahoo.com/group/SN_ROTE/?yguid=2200834


And I pulled the following from the header:

"This mailing list is intended to support the Supernova: Rise of the Empire PBM game run by Rolling Thunder Games. This list is administered by Martin Burlingame, Mark Gomer and Doug Soccio."


BUT, this is probably the oldest forum and not what he was looking for.

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