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Discovered the problem.


Installations didn't properly sort during production this cycle, causing grief for those who needed iron, raw resources etc produced during this turn for this turn's industrial production.


The only solution is to re-run the production phase of the turn, which I am in the process of setting up right now. This process, including the reprinting of the turns, will take up the rest of turn morning and into this afternoon.


I make regular database backups throughout the run (in this case the key backup is the one done right after orders were processed and just before end turn adjustments), so all issued orders stay as is (the printouts tht you have in hand are accurate as far as the processed orders are concerned). Only end turn adjustments are being reprocessed.


All produciton, including convoy routes (including battles that occurred during battles), resource and industrial production, and science hits gets re-run during this process. The downside from the science end is that you might not get the same science hits from your scientists. The upside is that you got a peek at what might be <grin>, and you might get luckier the second time around <_<


Just to be clear - everything that happened in your turns up to the convoy route and production phase will not change. Battles that occurred stay as is. Only battles that triggered during convoy routes need to be run again. The convoy routes themselves and all production, science hits, espionage and so forth are being processed again (bascially, everything after issued and standing orders).


My apologies for the delay.

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Pete and Russ, you do a great job with the game and everybody is allowed a glitch once in a while -- especially with computers that do what you told them to do not what you meant them to do.


If this delay is the worst thing that happens to me today, it still can be a good day.

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