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I would like to know how interested everyone is in setting up another empire at the same time as everyone else. I am thinking sometime after the first of the year such as the week of January 3rd - January 12th (Turns would be due January 14th). Anyone interested in this idea post a response here. You are welcome to blast this idea as well. All opinions are welcome. I got started late and am feeling a little left out since I am on the fringe and well behind everyone on the discussion board. By now most of the wimps have already quit leaving only the hard core gamers left. Maybe you wish you could have done something different and are only holding back because you don't want to lose the possibility of running into your nemesis who started early also. This may be your chance to get a fresh start. If you have any friends that are thinking about trying the game this would also be the perfect opportunity to get them in on the ground floor and have a decent possibility that you could actually help them in addition to benefiting from another ally in the game. I find it hard to talk new people into the game if they know that they have practically no chance of ever running into my empire that I started months ago. I felt the same way before I started but did it anyway because I played before in StarMaster, SuperNova, and SuperNova II and loved it.


Anyway, any comments are welcome on this subject.

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I just play with one empire and would like to keep it so. I started later, but I do not see this as a problem. SN_ROTE is not a race to me, but a way to challenge the little gray cells as Hercule Poirot (20th century Earth, Sol system literary character) likes to say.

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:beer: Guys,


It matters not when you started in the game because there are others being added at all times plus higher techs will answer and solve many different issues over time. Keep the existing empirers and if you must, start a 2nd or 3rd even. BUT remember play the game to have FUN.


Take care :drunk:

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