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Dearest Mother


Just a quick note to you this time as I am about to enter my DSSC (deep space sleep chamber) for a long journey. I write to you aboard a high priority transport on my way to Nova Constantinople. I am traveling at the direct order of Emperor Justinian. It seems the rumors we have been hearing out here are true after all.


It appears that the Capitol Planet of the Western Roman Empire has fallen to the barbarian/pirate hordes. I have not been able to gather much information about these events while on campaign here in the Eastern Roman Empire. As you know mother, with an empire as large as ours, news does not always travel to the extreme frontiers as quickly as one would like. It seems that while we have been occupied expanding the greater glory of Rome here in the east, barbarian/pirate hordes have taken advantage of our weakened state in the west.


I will write once I know more of my situation.


Your loving son,



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Dearest Mother


Well it is official; your son has been placed in direct charge of the entire Western Military Sector for the Roman Empire! The Emperor himself handed me the fasces as I knelt at his feet! I will forever cherish the golden bundle of sticks and axe granted as a symbol of supreme command over the western sector. His orders to me where very simple – return the Western Roman HW to the fold of the Empire. Furthermore, he has pledged 300 Legions for our work in the west, along with any support Legions he does not need while campaigning in the southern regions of our ever expanding empire!


The rest of the day was spent in meetings with various commanders that had served during the battles with the barbarian/pirate hordes. I will not bore you with details, but you can rest assured in knowing that long before that fall of the planet, all scientists, diplomats, merchants were moved by transport to Nova Constantinople to continue their work. In fact, our scientists are already researching new ground technologies to make our forces stronger for our return to Rome.


I must go mother, the Emperor is throwing a dinner party this evening and he has asked that I attend.


You son,



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Dearest Mother


I could not wait to tell you of my evening.


The food and wine that was served represented all sectors of the Empire! The serving girls were drawn from the many conquered home worlds of the Empire as well! It has been some time since I have had to wear my dress uniform and maintain civilized pleasantries with those hated politicians; All they seem to do is use his/her skills as an Administrator to good effect, improving some kind of extraction/solving several labor disputes in some population group or another. I think they should all be sent to the Western Front!


I am afraid I have spent far too many years in the field to navigate the political minefield that surrounds the Emperor. In fact, I offended a number of guests at one point in the evening. As I returned from the banquet table, I encountered a lively discussion between the Emperor and several notable advisors. They had been discussing the merits of executing pirates using rope made of hemp vs. nylon. The debate had become very animated when I blurted out….without thinking (far too much to drink I am afraid) “Why not use piano wire as it is much more efficient.” Mother, I do not have to tell you the look upon the faces of all of the guests within earshot! As I quickly looked to the Emperor in my shame, I noted a glint in his eye. It seems that he certainly saw the merit to my suggestion…you can imagine my relief. At that point, he spoke and suggested that we adjourn to the bathhouse for a relaxing steam. This allowed the uncomfortable moment to pass.


Not much happened for the remainder of the party, but the steam helped take the alcohol from my system and cleared my head. As the party broke up, I was summoned once again by the Emperor. He actually placed his hand upon my shoulder and said “I see I have selected the right man for the campaign in the west after all! See to the planning and rebuilding required to take back what is rightfully ours. I will be watching you!”


As you can imagine mother, I excited beyond belief. The opportunity to bring the blade of my laser gladius to a barbarian throat or tentacle shall become my only purpose in life - for the greater glory of the Empire!


I shall write soon,


Yours truly,



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Yawn....... I doubt there will be a liberation fleet. The Wormhole was just activated and defensive fleets from several Hegemony members have arrived. Come on in.




Transmitted in multiple frequencies, translated from Latin using a Type D Universal Translator Device.



This is Roman Free Radio Calling….Messages Personnels


“The carrots are cooked”

“The dice have been thrown”

“The dogs are barking”

“Mad buzzing of bees can be heard”

“Martin is calling out”

“Burling squirrels have landed for lunch”


Calling all Werwolf resistance cells, former military and police personnel; the time to rise up and throw off the boot of oppression standing upon your collective throats has come. The destruction of major transportation systems, communications stations, and power production facilities is authorized. Attacks upon Eyre and Obsidian off-duty personnel have been cleared. Revenge is upon us!


Free Roman Forces operating on our planets in the Eastern Empire have been waiting for this day. We have trained our divisions and equipped them with the best ground tech acquired since the loss of our home world. We, with the tremendous help of all our allies in the region, are on the verge of returning home! Look to the skies for freedom!


On behalf of Emperor Justinian

Maximus “Norrington” Meridius

Commander Western Empire Region

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As a loyal member of WHAPO I find all this anti pirate talk disturbing. After all we are the only honest empires in the Universe. All we ask for is to sail among the stars picking off a few merchant ships for supplies, and capturing a few small ports so that we have a place to lay our heads when we need a rest.

Sailing the stars, free to go as we please, free to do as we please. but NOooooo, the group says we can only go some places, the groups says we can not do as we please, the group says we must conform. I say Give me LIbERTY or give me DEATH(not preferred outcome). FREEEDOOOOOMMMMM!

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Priority Traffic

Message to be broadcast to all Legions on Trireme Assault Dropships


From: Commander Western Region – Roman Empire


Legionnaires, Legionnaires Aqua and Atmosphere Pilots of the Roman Expeditionary Force!


You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many years! The eyes of the Eastern Empire are upon you as you prepare to strike. All yearn for the chance to once again breath the moist atmosphere of the home world.


The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving species everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies, you will bring about the destruction of the evil war machine that has plagued this region.


Our Allies have given us the great honour of liberating the continent that holds our capital city. We return to the seat of power for the empire! We return home!


Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely, he will take no prisoners - as we have learned the hard way once before. Be prepared to take your revenge!


I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and Rome. We will accept nothing less than full Victory!


SIGNED: Maximus Norrington Meridius

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