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Greetings Fellow Spacefarers:


As promised the Consultatum has authorized the publication of the following list of systems falling within the territorial jurisdiction of the Boo. It should be noted that by treaty the territories of the Boo are also within the jurisdiction of the Galactic Star League.


IDER is our homesystem and no one may enter without prior negotiated authorization. Unauthorized entry into the IDER system will be presumed to denote hostile intent.


COLIGNY, TORSHILO,FREMI,GOZHISLAV, CEBRIONES, RODINA, AKINA, MODTHRYTH, and RIANNA are all claimed by the Boo. Do not build unauthorized colonies in these systems. We would ask that all spacefarers entering these systems notify the Boo Consulate before your arrival therein.


Hense forth it shall be the policy of the Boo to announce its intention to enter newly discovered systems. Please contact the Boo Consulate should you have a legitimate claim to sovereignty over any system we intend to enter. We invite reciprocity.


In Peace

The Boo Consulate

Member of the GSL

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