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Does somebody know how to cancel a supp order? Moving the ship doesn't work. The ship moves but stays "supping", which is handy most of the time but not always... Thanks!


It is supposed to cancel whenever you issue a WARP, NM or MOVE order but I have been able to move my refueling fleets and continue to keep them on resupply duty so this is apparently not working the way the rule is written.


However I actually prefer the way this order works now because I can movemy resupply fleets to the Gas Giants where I have other fleets on XSKIM orders. Since it works so smoothly for me, I would prefer not to see the rule work as written.


That does leave the issue of how you cancel if you want to and does not really answer your question. Sorry.

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The SUPP should continue to work after NM orders. How else does the fleet move to the GG to fill up the tanks for SUPP duty?


There are some other orders, like convoy routes that do cancel the SUPP order.


Another method is to just move the ships to a new fleet. If you have spare empty fleets around this option always works and uses a single order.



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