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So I've had a search through the forums and couldn't find anything to really shed light on this.


I'm about to build my first exploration vessel, and I was wondering how many science labs, and of what types to put on it.


Is it worth putting both Type A and Type B science labs on the same ship, or do the Type B's render the Type A's pointless? Also, is it worth putting multiple science labs on one ship? If so, how many is generally considered worthwhile?



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As far as I know, Science Labs are for Ground Exploration and may help scientists on board with breakthroughs.


Type A and Type B might together may get you a small bonus, if it works like Jumps Survey Sensors, where the highest sets a base chance and all other despite kind add a little to it.


Maybe its with Science Labs the same.

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Okay thanks, that's basically what I thought but I wanted to make sure. Want to try and keep my screw-ups to a minimum with this.... :D


Since Type A and Type B labs seem to cost exactly the same to build, I may as well just go with multiple Type B's and skip on the Type A's if indeed it does work like jump surveys.

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I have always used the best labs and have not mixed them too much. As far as ratios go, it is anybodies guess.


Don't forget the cargo holds...




Yep, my new explorer ship design is submitted this turn, and my industries are producing the components to build a pair of them next turn. Stuck on 60,000 tons of cargo bays, a pile of Type B science labs, a pile of survey landers, some fighter bays and drone racks, a small amount of armament and defensive capability, engines, fuel tankage, fuel shuttles, sensors, jump survey sensors and that about rounds it out. Gonna put an explorer character and a scientist on each and send them off to explore what little of the Galaxy my scout ships have uncovered thus far. Each will also carry a pile of colony beacons, so they can lay down blank pop groups to serve as store-houses for any interesting exploration finds.

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My best guess regarding Science Labs is that you get the full benefit of the best single lab and diminishing returns on every lab after that. For the Jump Survey Sensors, I have been using this equation:


Warp Survey Power = JSS(0) + SQRT (SUM ( JSS(1)..JSS(n) ) )


where JSS(0) = the value of your BEST Jump Survey Sensor; and JSS (1) through JSS (n) = the value of each of your other Jump Survey Sensors.


I know it's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty close.


Science Labs may work the same way, but so far no actual "power rating" has been given to the Labs as a numerical value.



-SK :D

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