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To James T. Kirk

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Honorable President-


We are attempting to communicate with you via this method due to an unfortunate accident involving the ambassador who volunteered to remain with us during your recent visit to our pridelands.


He recently requested to attend our dusk hunt, to observe and record. During this event, he brought with him the communicator you had left with him. During the final phase of the hunt... well... one of our huntresses ate the communicator.


(Glowers at daughter, who sulks and pads away into the background.)


Your ambassador is fine. He is expected to make a complete recovery once his arm has regrown.


We have much to communicate with you, regarding an idea which occured to me about how we might facilitate both trade and your expansion into space we both share. Please communicate with me at the frequency you have for us.


And send another communicator, if you please.



Clan Eldress

The Gosht Kohr



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