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XLFE and diminishing returns.

Lord Uriel

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Hello everyone,


One of my empires has set up 80 XLFE orders for one fleet. However, I haven't noticed an increased chance of experience gained. In fact it seems counter-productive. Has anyone else noticed this?




80 Live Fire Exercises per turn?! Your poor crews are wearing themselves out. Imagine, they hear "Battle Stations, this is a drill", they run to their stations, blast some satellites, and then just as they get to their bunks to rest ... they hear "Battle Stations, this is a drill"! :jawdrop: And maybe mixed in with it are some denegrating comments from the captain on how you maggots will be drilled over and over until you get it right and make it perfect. Who's the admiral of that fleet .. and how many warrents are out for his arrest? Keep this up and maybe you be the first with a fleet that mutinies! That would be interesting! :angry2:


More seriously .. I'm doing only 4 per fleet just for the heck of it. So I can't speak to any diminishing returns. Can't speak to any real benefits eitherl. But given the formulas Pete uses for other operations, it would make sense to have such diminishing returns. Though at what level, I can't guess.

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I agree; lfe/xlfe is only going to take you so far if Pete runs true with his 'diminishing returns' :unsure: . Like in Victory!,you experience[combat bonus] is only going to reach a certain level. Then you have to put away the toys and go to work. ;)

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