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Turn sequence question

Clan Elder 'Keen

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I understand installations produce the turn they are build.


I understand I can scrap 10k Industrial Complexes and immediately use the refunded Construction Materials to build 10k stripmines, and assuming I have adequate power they will produce the turn they are build.


What I don't understand is if I can build Improved Construction Materials and then do a CON order to use those ICM for say Fuel Distillation Complexes, all in a single turn.

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If I understand you correctly you are wondering if you can both produce the materials for building something and then construct something the same turn? No is the answer. Since production of materials always runs after the order phase where you can issue CON/SHIP etc orders you can only use those materials on the subsequent turn.


Turn 1


Production (You build 10k of ICM)


Turn 2

Orders (You can CON using the ICM from last turns production)





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To say it another way:

A CONSTRUCT order occurs, i.e., builds the installation, at the exact time you issue the order.

PRODUCTION (of improved construction materials) only occurs after all your orders have processed.


Bottom line: You can't use improved construction materials to build installations the turn you produce them.



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