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Greetings to the Expugnabilis # 1415 [Crossed Lightning Bolts Over An

sir smeg

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So after our first round of talks, the Silen Imperium #185 would like to open talks in a more civilised and less resource intensive manner. :cheers:


And for everyone else on the forum we present a nice change to those large million ton plus battles that have been going on around here. Plus you get to work out how this battle happened, I would wright up a nice little story to explain it all but I really do need sleep about now. :cheers:


Sir Smeg :cheers:


----- IMMORTELLE [ N (Deep Red) 4 VI ] [binary Star System] - Warp Point 74931 -----

Expugnabilis # 1415 (No Naval Commanders)

Total tonnage: 1,640,000.....Base Fire Control: 1 [0 bridge]

The Third Silen Imperium # 185 (No Naval Commanders)

Total tonnage: 60,000.....Base Fire Control: 1 [0 bridge]

Adventure 400 Expugnabilis #1415 Ranger Vealok the Angry

------------------------------- ** Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Order of Battle ** ------------------------------------------

The Third Silen Imperium # 185 [White Cat Sitting On Throne Resting Head On Paw]

22nd Recon Sqn [ROE: Q] *Total Defense* (Fleet Tonnage: 60,000)

[Deploy Location 7] 6 FS Void Rider (Fleet Scout - 10,000 tons [each])

<16,500 Fuel>

------------------------------- ** Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Order of Battle ** ------------------------------------------

Expugnabilis # 1415 [Crossed Lightning Bolts Over An Open Eye]

Adventure 400 [ROE: X] *Column Attack* (Fleet Tonnage: 1,640,000)

[Deploy Location 7] 1 AUXF Savior (Fleet Auxiliary - 1,640,000 tons [each])

<424,560 Fuel>

** Battle Damage Assessment Report **

-------------------------------------------------- DepLoc 7 ------------------------------------------------------------

**MINOR DAMAGE** AUXF Savior (Fleet Auxiliary - 1,640,000 tons) [integrity: 250,507,915 / 250,508,000] (Green, Timid)

250,000 Cargo Bay, 50 Fuel Shuttle, 500,000 Fuel Tankage, 2,800 Mk II Antimatter Engine, 1 Mk IV Jump Survey Sensor

75 Mk IV Thunderbolt Arc Generator, 1 Nuclear Transwarp Drive, 250,000 Tckon 68

Energy Discharge: 10,560,000

Maneuverability: 27.04, Missile Defense: 50.00 %

** Battle Damage Assessment Report **

-------------------------------------------------- DepLoc 7 ------------------------------------------------------------

**DESTROYED** [3rd] FS Void Rider (Fleet Scout - 10,000 tons) [integrity: 0 / 7,400] (Green, Timid)

2 Fuel Shuttle, 3,200 Fuel Tankage, 1 Mk I Nuclear Engine, 1 Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive, 1 Mk I Short Range Sensor

1 Mk II Jump Survey Sensor, 300 Standard Hull Plate

Maneuverability: 0.03, Missile Defense: 0.40 %, Sensors: 2.50 %


----- Post-Battle Damage Assessment Report-----

Side 1

[7] 1 Savior class AUXF..................................................1 Minor

Side 2

[7] 6 Void Rider class FS..................................................6 Destroyed

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Well it happened because the Savior was on X-ray ROE setting? Or have I missed something else here?


If you want to look at it by numbers then the X-ray ROE setting is deffently the reason, still its nice to think up the background reason.


Another point is that the void rider class doesn't mount weapons, so 85 points of damage got done to the Savior somehow, and I don't think it was the drinking :cheers:


Sir Smeg :cheers:

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