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From: Honored One Krelnett, Spokesdrone for the Honored Hive Kraan of the Zraaknod Brotherhood

To: Khan Rending Talon, First Claw of the Pridelands

We wish to express our thanks for disclosures upon the feline science of eugenics. We have, as you surmised, been able to incorporate many of these theories into our own breeding programs. Specifically, we have instituted obstacle courses that drones must negotiate before being allowed to mate with our queens. Only the most agile of drones are able to do this and their traits have been passed on to the next generation of drones and workers. Over several brooding periods, we have detected a measurable increase in the dexterity of our indutrial and military recruits.

As a token of our appreciation for the revelation of this process, please accept this squared tonne of mead. May your whiskers taste well the Doughian notes with which we've seasoned this batch. :cheers:

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