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I was just going over my production for some new projects and I realized something: No matter how advanced I get with techs, I can't improve the efficiency of my shipyards. We can make Improved and Advanced versions of ICs and SMs but not shipyards.


Improved Shipyard - 500 Imp CMs for 15,000 tons of ship built per turn

Advanced Shipyard - 500 Adv CMs for 20,000 tons of ship built per turn


Make Civil Engineering a requirement for those INSTs along with Industrial Science. Maybe even use a doubling for the capacity so 20k and 40k for the newer versions.


Since pop is such a limiting factor, why haven't our civilizations thought about developing better methods to build ships faster? Especially with the trend towards bigger ships starting to get underway?


Sakarissa :)

The Circle

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