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Army units and missions


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1. Allow more than 1 army at a given location and allow the RG order to exchange divisions between 2 armies at the same location as a non-mission order.


2. The building blocks for an army could be battalions instead of divisions. I would really like to be able to build armies where I have more influence over the combined abilities. There could be several types of battalions, like infantry, trucks, half-tracks, armor, anti-air, artillery. Each battalion would contribute to the stats of the army. If you want a fast army, you have to build a lot of trucks or half-tracks, Trucks don't add much firepower though, so you'll need infantry, artillery or armor for that. Armor can move itself, but artillery and anti-air need to be towed. It would also make sense that each type of battalion is vulnerable to a certain kind of air strike. For example, infantry divisions should be vulnerable to strafing, armor and half-tracks to dive bombing, etc. It may complicate matters a bit, but it makes things more realistic and you have more options as a player.


If you add more ideas, please continue numbering them for easy reference.

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(3) as others I'd like to see a split and attack order, that allows a stack to break down on mutiple different missions


(4) I'd like to see leaders auto tasked out to armies / navy and / bases


Well, suggestion #1 would take care of #3 as well I think. You could just reorganize the army into 2 separate forces and then give OMG order to both of them.

What do you mean by #4?

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(4) sorry for not being clear. I intended to say that allocation of leaders to forces should be automatically made. Having them all based in the capital is an invitation for leader assassination functions. I would have thought that this might ocur in the first few turns to seperate out leaders and once fully allocated out can be moved by players as they saw fit. Does this help clarify?

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