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The first of these bad boys just came off the assembly line (yikes) and loh and behold I found another one in an EXPL! :alien2:


ANZ: Nuclear Transwarp Drive

Nuclear Transwarp Drive: The advent of <static……> triggered a sweeping change in the concept of how to design Jump Drives. Your scientists have come up with an ingenious way to avoid the buildup of dangerous, radioactive materials in the old drives. Instead of shutting down and cleaning the drive after each warp transition………… <static…………> Note: for game purposes, the Nuclear Transwarp Drive works just like any other Jump Drive. A ship equipped with at least one NTD warps from system to system normally. However, the action points of the ship are not reduced to zero following a successful warp movement. It is therefore possible for a ship with 2 action points to execute a Move -Warp - Move – Warp series in one turn, or a Move - Warp - System Scan. <Transmission ended due to galactic interference…………………..>



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Laserwolf -


I am bound by some conventions based on being a former GSL member. I cannot provide the actual construction of the device because of the way I gained the path to the tech. I did find one this turn in a EXPL which bypasses the entire GSL ("white hats") anti disemination of information. I might (stress might since I need it for my war efforts) publish the construction next turn.


One note: Make sure you have 25k of cargo space on your EXPL ships. This bad boys weighs 25k. I got it and then dropped some COOOOOOLLLLLLL Engines which I actually needed...



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A comprehensive and tremendous jump in the enjoyment and excitement factor of every other player in the game is riding on this info. The Galaxy becomes smaller, the game faster, the excitement so much greater for all. I, and likely many others, eagerly and anxiously await the ANZ results of your exciting warp engine find.


Your interest and willingness to advance the game for the benefit of all is much appreciated.



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I dropped 6 MK I Total Conversion Engine, Dropped 1 NTWD (had room for 1...) and dropped some sensor (would have to go back and look at turn).


I really wanted the %^**^$$# conversion engine since I can't figure the path and some reverse engineering would have been nice...oh well.


Best wishes in space....


PS - I got some Gaseous Elements and Improved Foodstuffs that I can ship your way.... :o

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This is awesome! :thumbsup:


We finally have a selling point for newer players that come in as an 'alliance': they have a chance to actually work with their friends down the line.


After a whole year without finding a trace of another soul, the prospect of working with more than a couple of neighbors was looking grim (that is, within another years time)


Things were not looking great for us fans of player interaction within the game and this little breakthrough gives me tremendous hope and has resparked a true interest in the game a THOUSAND fold.


I just hope the tech tree to get to NTWD isnt too brutal....but then again a few lucky EXPL finds may make up for some of it until then.


This breakthrough changes my long term plans considerably. :cheers:


I might be pandering a guess here -- but I think the recent changes in the game are a big step in the right direction to tighten up the universe a bit faster and I completely applaud it. :o <--- [insert cool german beer here]

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