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How to screw up your turns in one easy lesson


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In an attempt to print out my orders so I could refer to them while doing another of my position's orders, I converted my current orders for my two main positions to Excel files in the orders to RTG file - and can't make them save in their original form now! Any suggestions on how to correct this so RTG can feed this into the system same as always?


I've tried deleting the entry program and downloading it again, replacing the original files, but it still saves them as Excel files regardless. I'm a user rather than a brain in a jar type guy, so although I think this is something to do with cookies and the like I have no idea what to do now.


One suggestion was to go to properties for the files in question and see if they'll change there, which seems to work using available file types in my system - trouble is that I don't have the correct file type to convert them to the required one as best I can make out (I'm guessing this may well be a straight forward database type program - don't have one currently, though now on my to-do list)


Naturally I waited until the day before the due date to screw things up for myself. Apart from well-deserved ridicule, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm guessing from what you wrote that you changed what your windows PC uses to open and display the orders file by default, and have not changed the files themselves. If you re-save your orders from the turn entry program, they will be in the correct comma delimited format. You should be able to see the original format by right clicking and select open with notepad, or if that is not available, open with other program and then select notepad or wordpad (this is from memory as I don't have a windows PC handy at the moment).

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Yep - it does get saved in the delimited format but can that be read by RTG's input process? That's the question.


And of course, with all of the playing around trying to put things right I've just found out that I lost everything I've done for ALL of my positions this turn - nothing like being punished for trying something out, is there!



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Yes, it is double-quoted comma delimited. Don't you have some old orders files somewhere, perhaps in your email outbox to reference?


They should look something like:


"OC","201","28255","Type C Whiphound","20000"," "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "," ", . . .


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