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'Guests' creep me out LOL


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Here I am - a couple of rare days off in the world and I'm trolling on my lonesome when I notice other 'guests' trolling the boards along with me.


I can handle trolling with just about anyone - even the creepier doomsayer types....but "Guests" trip me out. :)


Are they registered users who don't want others to think they are reading the boards?


Are they new players?


I'd feel as paranoid as a cold war nuclear physicist, but I'm clearly no threat.....come! follow me to my endless fields of sunflowers!!


I'm too busy trying to gather up all my exploration fleets and colonize the 10 gazillion 'ideal' worlds I've found. I'll be blunt: my toughest ship is a Custom Research Bastion.


My best guess on 'guests' are that they are:


1) secret fanbois of CaoCao posts

2) too lazy to sign in

3) REAL aliens trying to see if we've bumped into THEIR tech tree

4) spamming their own posts to bump up the number of 'views' it receives; or

5) waiting desperately until all the "last posted: EternusIV" markers are replaced with other members and their corresponsing verbiage (sp and usage proper laswerwolf?)


Come on out 'guests'! :)

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