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Death of a Hero

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We were most saddened yesterday, when at 12:40:51 the great Galileo fell silent into Jove.


We read that Galileo was murdered that he might not crash into Europa or Io; transporting microbes to those worlds and disrupting their own evolution. This confuses, as imperialism seems the attraction to space travel par excellance, but we digress.


Sic transit gloria mundi. Here, it appears, and everywhere else.

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And to think some whackos thought it would cause our solar system to collapse by sending Plutonium into Jupiter!


:blink: Huzah to the Galileo crew! New projects on the horizon for Jupiter as a result of Galileo's resounding success. JIMo is the next biggie but won't be read for a while :/


Here is a link to the whacko who thought Jupiter would explode -- my astrophysics professor and I had quite a laugh. Its amazing what some people can make numbers look like.



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Actually its very clear they did it on purpose. After many course corrections,

minor particle hits, damage to its electronics from Radiation the folks at JPL decided it was time to retire Galileo. The single biggest reason was that the onboard fuel supply was nearly depleted hence it was going to become more difficult for future course corrections. The nice folks at JPL didn't want radioactives or organic pollution to touch any of the moons that might contain life. They

collected some good info on the flight into Jupiter as well.


Keep in mind that NASA has three major divisions of which JPL handles the unmanned probes. JPL has a long history of stunning successes and not nearly as many failures as the other two branches. Unmanned flights that have failed in the past (like the two mars missions) were actually managed by the Col Klinks of the

non-JPL branches


What I find amazing is that the Galileo probe was actually experiencing complete system resets during moon passes. Galileo's on board computers would come up again and WORK! Most of the data would also be saved. The JPL folks designed one hell of a space craft and did one hell of a job!


Good Cheer,


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