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The Value of Increasing Power


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All -


One topic that has puzzled me is the strength of the poor/average/fair/superior ratings we see in both Ground and Space Combat.


In Ground Combat we have

Poor - 3 turns to research

Adequate - 10-12 turns to research

Fair - ?? turns

Good - ?? turns

Superior - ?? turns


Effectiveness of the weapons -

Ground Combat:

Poor - Multiple of 10

Adequate -20 (it might be 25 have to look)

Fair - ??

Good - ??

Superior - ??


This means that a unit's TAC Rating in a particular catagory is multiplied times the total value. ie:


Tactical Strength = TAC RATING*(P1..Pxx+A1..Axx+F1..etc..)


Space Combat/Bridge Strength/Armor etc... UNKNOWN


The only real space variable I can track is towing since we can see its effect.


Towing in Space:

A Light Grapple: Poor tows 1000 tons

A Medium Grapple/Light Tractor: Fair tows 7000 tons

A Heavy GRapple: Adequate towes 70,000 tons


Now before we jump in glee we need to factor in weight


LG = 200 tons so ratio of 5 (TOW/TONNAGE)

MG/LT = 700 tons so ratio of 10

HG/MT = 70000 so ratio of 20


The real question is what does Good provide? Is it 30 or 40?


Extrapolation for things like armor can come out to:

Plate = Base

Titanium = 2x plate

Selenite = 4x plate




Has anyone done an TAX on a unit with a good ground weapon effect or has someone gotten a Good TOWING (Heavy Tractor BEAM)??



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I have done many TACs. I believe units break down in 100 point increments. An example is the Imperial Army Strategic Bomber which has Chemical and Ground Support (100 points). Then you multiply times the tech.


In this case we only have Helicopter and Chemical Munitions so it factors nicely.


When you do your TACs do them on individual units or it is chaos. We start with 9 close combat techs so you can only imagine what that does.


I need a base line on Fair, Average, Good and Superior ground weapons :-)

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Create a new army. drop 1 Division in and TAC. you can do that ad infinitum in 1 turn just do a TAC each time and we can subtract out the previous info. The real issue is missing tech for TAC ratings.


EXP: No Marine unit is at 100% strength because we lack Amphibious Landing capabilities. We do not start with Subterranean tech nor do we start with space defense tech.

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