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I have used this to map with for years now and I find it invaluable so here is the basic process I use.


1) Use the findpath program to generate a .map output file. That is by far the easiest part.


2) Open up Graphviz V2.16 in the Neato mode. Then select the .map file generated in step 1 as the input and direct an output file to my preferred location.


3) Select SVG as the output type and hit the "do layout" button. Depending on your empire size or the size of the map file this process can take a while.


That is pretty much it for the Graphviz part of things. The next step is to use ZGRViewer software to look at the map that has been created. I found the most difficult part of the process was getting the viewer software to work. It requires a bit of Java and Java won't install on Windows 7 machines where the viewer needs it to be. The fix for this seemed to be to cope the JAVA.EXE files over to the system32 folder.


I use v0.7.2 of this software. I have gotten the v0.8.2 to work as well, but the controls are reversed so I just use the older one as it is more comfortable.


What you get - -


So the output is a map that is searchable. Examples have been posted so I won't. Once your empire gets to the point that you don't know systems by name you will find this mapping tool useful.

It does identify one way WP's.



What you don't get -


You can't edit the map

The map changes with each iteration

It doesn't list WP classes for routes already surveyed

It doesn't keep track of convoy routes or wormholes

No system info

No planet info

No meta data in other words.


I will not profess to be an expert on the subject, but if you have any questions I will give it my best shot.


Good luck! :nuke:

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As SNFindPath just exports the link information between nodes, you can edit the .map-file to include some file where

you can add more elaborate info for nodes (systems).


You can also add links for Convoyroutes or Wormhole nets as links of a different color.

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