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The Flock

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The Story of The Flock aka Battlestar Gaflocktia


In the beginning the Flock created their first space ship and set out to explore space, the final frontier. They boldly headed out to go where no Flock had gone before, but space is a dangerous place, and within 8 time periods aliens showed up at the Flock HW.

Terrible creatures that attacked and destroyed the Flock ships, mobilizing the HW, the Flock stopped the initial attack fleet that had destroyed the scouts at the HW warp point, and sent out more scouts. These scouts sighted a large fleet incoming, and the HW scrambled to build one large ship to stop this fleet.

Remember at this time there were no Transwarp drives. The Flock had 3 turns to build the ship. Luck was on the Flock’s side, as explorer finds suddenly were finding more weapons than anything else, and the in system convoy routes brought the items to the HW. With very little data on how the weapons worked the weapons were all added to the last chance ship being built, a ship that would meet the enemy fleet at the warp point.

A scout at the HW warp point saw the enemy fleet come in and in the next time period the Flock ship came out of the shipyards and moved immediately to the warp point, destroying the enemy fleet and the troop fleet at the warp point. Victory! Now to find the enemy HW’s to end this threat.

The Flock sent out scouts to find the Realm of Atlantis A Sunken City Populated By Sentient Crabs and House Faringian A Flashing Red Light. These two empires were the attackers at the Flock HW. At this time the Flock set all scouts to X-ray, to insure no enemy ships got past the fleet scouts without a battle, as the Flock HW was still weakly defended. Most of the effort at the HW was being put into scout ships and a mobile war fleet. The Flock leaders were sure the two enemies could out build the one Flock Empire.

Soon the Flock sighted the Cestvel empire Gorn Industries # 1956 and Megachiroptera Empire Bloody Fangs On A Sable Field. Soon we were able to set up a border with these two new empires. Though both were upset at battles with scouts, and apparently allowed other races to fly right to their HW before they thought it ok to have an X-ray fleet setting, but I digress.

Anyway at least the two enemy empires did not show up again at all at any warp point. It was unbelievable that the enemies found us so fast, but we could not find them. Then MEG showed up one jump from our HW, obviously having found another path to our HW, as we still had scout ships used as pickets at all warp points we sighted other alien fleets.


Shortly there after MEG with 3 allies attacked at our HW, and captured it, breaking the border agreement. This was the only Flock Hw and the Flock were done, or at least those of less resilient metal would have given up.


The Flock however had 2 colonies, one in system, with 6000 pop and one out of system with 700 pop. The in system colony had a 20 man defending army, and 4 screen ships of 1000 tons each and an explorer ship searching for alien items. Immediately the surviving Flock leaders set the colony up to build ship parts. There are Transwarp drive ships by this time.


Talking with allies that were recently sighted in the area they kept building ship parts and scouting to see if they could find a way to each other, as there was a one way warp point in the way. For the next few months (realtime) they scouted, until there was only one scout ship left.

The Flock set up to build screen ships at the colony (Xship) and went into cryosleep ( Dropped the Empire for 1 year)


One year later, the ally first sighted had been conquered, but a third ally discovered a world in common with the ally that had been conquered and this common world was a way around the one way warp point.

The small Flock colony had not been conquered, and had build 4000 screens, and a fair amount of ship parts. The combination of the 3 star maps finally showed a path to a planet with a large population of Flock friendly birds. (IE Dropped HW) It took several more months to build all the items needed for the Flock Ragtag fleet fleeing MEG tyranny searching for a world called Earth. At this time the colony/troop ship named Colony One, and small warship set out with the last remaining scout ship in the lead. Slowly the scout moved forward, surveying and insuring there were no ships in the way, easing forward just two or three systems a turn, then the Colonial One would follow the scout ships path from the previous time cycle. The path went thru MEG and BAD areas, near conquered HWs. Then one day in one of these areas the scout was lost. Colony One could go no further, this path was the only known path. Two time periods later the small warship moved forward and found the BAD fleet had moved on, and so the Colony One moved on toward their new home Earth. Almost there and the small warship was lost, to the scout of an unknown Empire. Again Colony One waited, then moved forward, the last non screen ship in the Flock Empire. At last at the new HW, would the people there accept the Flock leaders? (IE 20 troops vrs HW) Yes, the natives amazed by the technology of the Flock, accepted them as new leaders.


Today the Flock owns multiple Hws and has just recently aided the Parrots in retaking a HW conquered by Cestvel.




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