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Fuel cost of Warp movement?


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Hello Tokmok,


The answer is under Warp Movement in the Orders Supplement of the rule books, but Fuel consumed is 1 Fuel for every 1000 tons of mass the fleet is multiplied by the warp difficulty factor.


Fuel Multiples are


A 1

B 2

C 4

D 9

E 16

F 25

G 36


So a 36,000 Ton fleet moving through a Class C warp point would use...


36 x 4 = 144 Fuel


Hope this helps.

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Don't forget too that advanced jump technology will reduces fuel consumption. As will multiple engines.


Clan Elder, I have yet to see evidence of reduced Fuel cost for additional engines. Better Warp Drives and more of them will reduce the "warp bubble" of the ship involved, that is more ships can Jump at the same time (for combat Purposes mostly). If you evidence to the contrary by all means let us know

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