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I am currently working on Issue #14 of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine in PDF format. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a standing invitation to both Rolling Thunder Games and to the players of the Rolling Thunder Games community to send in articles, advertisements, feedback, photographs, memories, etc. for publication in future issues of Suspense & Decision.


Thus far, Rolling Thunder and its games haven't had much of a presence within the pages of Suspense & Decision, and I would like to make an effort to try and change that for the better. The advertising is free, and seeing as how the magazine is published in PDF format, even increasing the number of pages in any given issue ends up being free, as well.


If you can't get something sent in in time for Issue #14 to publish, which will likely be sometime later this month of September 2016, then we can always hold it over for publication in the following issue.


Old ads can be repurposed to use in the current day and age, if you have any copies of old advertisements that Rolling Thunder Games advertised with in magazines from days gone by. Or if you want to come up with entirely new ads, I could try to help you with that.


If readers are not reading about Rolling Thunder's games in Suspense & Decision, then they're reading about someone else's games, there.


Think it over,




Suspense & Decision magazine

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