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-----ANZ (Analyze Item)----


I though I would start something for Draco for sharing techs that are different from Andromeda.


ANZ: Improved Weapons

Improved Weapons: Weapons includes all manner of small arms, grenades, mortars, heavy artillery, battle armor, missile launchers and high explosives. Such items are generally considered contraband on most worlds, though some political systems might not think anything of having large quantities of laser rifles or even mobile tactical guided missile launchers shipped through their port facilities. Improved Weapons are superior in many ways, and are useful in the production of some advanced pieces of technology. (1 ton) 2 Iron - 1 Light Metals

Classification: Resource


Your Empire has gained the ability to construct a new Installation: the Domed City!

-----INST (Describe Installation)----

INST: Domed City

Domed City: Domed Cities provide safe, clean and affordable housing for your colonists, with the added benefit of being sealed from harsh atmospheric conditions. It is much more difficult for alien flora and fauna to invade a Domed City than open encampments, reducing colonial attrition as a result. Domed Cities are manned by 1 Population unit, and provide housing for 100 additional Population.

Production requirements: 1,000 Improved Construction Materials Consumes: <nothing>

Requires: 2nd Generation Civil Engineering as a prerequisite technology Requires: Improved Construction Materials as a prerequisite technology

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