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My bad experience gone worse


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I unfortunately gave my turn to players in my TA alliance in victory. This was a mistake. I am continuously emailed and called by different prisons. I now have to check every number to check if its on my contact list in almost every case it has been a new prison or institution. You may be asking what they want an alliance, declare war or bully me about something no its about getting money for their phone account. I am seriously thinking about changing my email and phone number. I no longer will accept any correspondence from anyone from them due to their violations of my privacy to everyone in every prison. What a joke. My prison TAs made my last few months hell and now I have met one in Draco and I will blow them to hell. I no longer respect them one bit nor will do so in this game. They have decided to move into my personal life and disrupt it.

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I see 2 problems here


1) Prisoners have WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much freedom

2) The trusting of Prisoners


Care to share your list so the rest of us don't get scammed??

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