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Saved Points, Colonizers vs Brain in the Jars


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I have noticed some interesting comparisons with races with no saved points and those with high research bonuses. 

1st a brain in a jar easily passes the saved point person. 2nd Generation doesn't do that much and doesn't give a head start really. I am already being passed by worlds half my age and I have lots of exploration ships.

2nd a brain in the jar starting on a cold world will get lots of ideal worlds requiring no special items to get.

3rd A new brain in the jar with no saved points one year old will bypass a ground pounder and colonizer of over 1 1/2 to near the start of the games hands down. There is no way to catch up at all. Since breakthroughs and exploration stuff barely does anything in Draco brain in the jars rule. 

4th a ground pounder with a cold based world will be able to stay paced with the colonizer.

5th There is a false rumor going on that using technology for colonization will be cost prohibitive. It barely makes a dent when you colonize the asteroid belts.  

6th Should I save points? Only if you did not start on a cold world. You really don't gain much. My second empire should bypass my 1st empire in about year with 6 saved research points. 

What do yo all think are the brain in the jars too strong with the idea lets give everyone free ideals if they live on a cold world?


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"Brain in the Jar" are and will always be handicapped with poorer ground troops than either a colonizer or a ground pounder lifeform. 


I run both and the colonizer is by far the more entertaining to run.  My smart guys are such whimps that they can never hope to hold or take a world if it comes to ground power.  In Draco I expect there will be many instances of capture and liberation of HW's.  In these situation the ground guys will prove superior in my view.  So "brain in the jar" designs will really need a mercenary ally to come to their aid if they actually get to the ground.

All the tech  the game will not counter a poor starting lifeform.

Starting points are valuable, but less so than in Andromeda.  That said I would still save some just to get through the improved materials that now cost much more as well as improved JSS's right off the bat.


Unbalanced?  May be, but it won't be apparent until we see empire on empire wars that fully test the differences. IMHO




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Hobnob, We'll I do agree with you on ground pounder advantages. However, the game has taken on a new life of its own. Warp points are now the battlefields. Lose there and lose all your colonies and most of your fleets. 

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