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To all and sundry,


Since the GSL spent such a relatively long time as the only public alliance in the game, it is no coincidence that the minutae of our actions and statements have often been dissected in great detail by the many who frequent this board, admittedly out of sheer boredom if nothing else.


While this has caused our ranks to swell by virtue of the exposure gained, it has also made us the target of every player out there who is NOT interested in what we are selling; peaceful coexistence and community oriented behavior.


In the intervening months since its inception, the GSL has gone through a period of rapid growth, both in terms of membership and policy. This has forced us to continually examine (and re-examine) our creed, policies and perspective as we melded the visions of our founders with that of our newest associates. This process is one I believe to be a healthy one as it underscores our fundamental belief in a galactic community. Such a vision cannot credibly be maligned as ignoble, self serving or arrogant. Our warts are the warts of democracy, an admittedly messy business, but warts that shed the light of truth upon our intentions. The GSL does not dictate to its constituency or neighbors but pursues diplomatic harmony. We do not spread war, lies and dissension... we stand resolute, and united, against it.


Though I understand that we shall remain a target or scapegoat to some, since we represent an ideal that does not comfort those of dark or aloof hearts, we strive to let our actions and policies speak to all of good and noble heart that we are friends and good neighbors, for only those of noble intent (and adorned in the iconic "white hat") shall ever truly appreciate us for who we are and what we stand for. This is a cross we bear proudly.


Many speak of our intentions, our policies, our numbers, our desires, our secrets, our friends and our enemies... yet few if any of these speak well of us or choose to cast us in fair guise. Know that they who would sling mud upon our good name do so for the basest of intentions for we answer all inquiries from our fellow galactic neighbors with truth and congeniality. Our actions speak louder than the thinly veiled lies that continually snipe at us from the shadows.


The GSL recognizes all empires and organizations as our neighbors and do not feel threatened by those who would choose to remain apart from us. We do not see the Ming, the Brotherhood, the Power Pantheon or Phoenix Arisen as our enemies nor do we plot to discredit them for we have no thirst for violence or agenda to subjugate the galaxy. We will, however, defend ourselves and our friends from any and all aggression without quarter.


Those of you who wish to know more of the GSL or simply have questions about our intentions are encouraged to enter into dialogue with us and see for yourself what we are about. We extend the hand of friendship both to all empires and alliances and encourage all to contact us if you wish to open diplomatic relations on any scale. Those who ask questions of us simply as a means to discredit the GSL will be dutifully ignored.


The GSL desires prosperity and peaceful co-existence for all and looks forward to enlightened contact with our galactic neighbors.

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Aliens can say whatever they want. What they do is what is important. (and of course whether they buy me a beer or not, but see, that is ACTION!! :cheers: )

I don't know about the GSL and their apparel, I have contacted one alien nation. From a post, it would appear he is a member of the GSL. He has abided by our border agreement, and we are continuing to discuss other matters.


Alcorn the Honored One

Sabeli Ecok


ps. he does not appear to be wearing a hat, white or otherwise. :jawdrop:

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