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I received a note from a player noting that he issued a DELS order to delete a single standing order, and it worked--but the standing order ran that turn anyway. This raises an interesting sequencing issue that I'll take a look at. You already know that standing orders are loaded first, before anything is processed...this is what causes the DELS conflict. Here's my response to his note:


Ah - this is interesting.  I'll need to post a note on the board about it - the problem is that standing orders are loaded and appended to the end of your submitted orders at the beginning of processing.  Then newly-issued standing orders are executed by way of storing them in your permanent standing order list.  That list has already been loaded for processing on the turn being run, so newly-issued standing orders are not run as standing orders (they are processed once as issued, wherever in the turn they were entered, but not again as standing orders--so they get run once and not twice that turn).  The kicker here is that deleting them comes after the fact--your standing orders have already been loaded and are regular orders at that instant (loading them is the first thing that happens in the turn).  Your standing order was deleted, but it had already been loaded as a regular order.  To make it work as you expected (an entirely reasonable expectation, I might add) I'll have to look at the code and pre-scan your orders queue for any DELS orders....remember the ones that will be ordered deleted (but aren't actually deleted yet, because it's still at the beginning of the turn and no orders have actually been run yet, never mind the actual DELS order) and then not ever load the ones that (assuming the DELS order works as expected) were about to be loaded.  I'm not sure if this explanation makes any sense <grin> but I'll look into it.


I'll check into the code and see what I can do....presuming that your DELS order was written correctly and will work as expected when it is processed later on in the turn cycle :lol: then I can probably put in a prescan to exclude DELS standing orders from being loaded at the beginning of a turn cycle (before the DELS order actually ever hits the process hopper, in a sort of weird time-space continuum kind of thing... :rolleyes: ) This would make DELS orders timely for the turn they are issued, both to delete the standing order forever (sending it into a terrible black hole) and making it go away instantly that turn, before the DELS order is even processed (the black hole has reach! :oops: ).

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