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I am starting this thread for those wishing to share their finds. I for example have found the following:


Battered Alien Shipyard: "much is learned concerning Mk III Total Conversion Jump Drive."


Geothermal Coretap Station: "Tapping into the geothermal core of a planet is risky at best, but when the genie is let out of the bottle...the planetary surface can be made into radioactive ruin for thousands of years. Something went horribly wrong here..." - This find was triggered with Advanced Fuel and also later with Fuel Tankage.


Of course by now almost everyone has discovered the fragments of history find:

"After stitching together numerous bits and pieces of historical documents...etc"

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Thank you for that insight Phasedragon. Not yet made the "fragments of history find". Would you care to elaborate?


Have found a Microbiotic Decontamination Centre, an orbital Solar Power Station (containing Advanced Fuel), a Grand Cathedral dedicated to Grandillon the Trickster, as well as the more mundane battered planetary defence battery amongst others.





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Below is the list of sites that my exploration fleets have discovered:


Orbital Crystal Refinery

Old Weather Station

Deserted Colony

Alien Science Institute

Destroyed Alien City

Grand Cathedral

Deserted Frontier Base

Deserted Microbiotic Decontamination Center

Alien Warehouse

Shrine to Unknown Deity

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After stitching together numerous bits and pieces of historical documents and physical evidence, your researchers have determined that your presence on this world is no accident of nature. It is clear that your race was a colony of a much larger Empire that spanned countless star systems. It was known as the T'ckon Star League, or alternately just as The Imperium, and it was vast beyond imagination. Some terrible cataclysmic event took place many tens of thousands of years ago that broke apart the Star League. Most member worlds were lost in the terrible fires of war, while others reverted to savagery. The lucky ones retained some sort of technological base and could possibly dig themselves out of their ruins given sufficient time. Your tiny Empire is one such world. References to the Rigellians, Hivers, the Pride, the Fetwhar, Tellerites, Valtavians, the Plek'ton and some sort of machine race are found in several documents, but no names are given and details are skethcy at best. Whatever happened to the T'ckon--whether they did it to themselves in some sort of civil war or were overcome by an alien manace--is impossible to determine. Perhaps the answers lie out among the stare, where your Empire can discover the truth about the Star League and either exact revenge on those responsible, or perhaps simply form a new galaxy-spanning Empire to replace it...

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I was about to give up on my homeworld for the EXPL fleets, but a couple of months ago they managed to find a Shrine to Unknown Deity. Too bad it is not "discovered" as often as the T'ckon history lesson.

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Don't waste EXPL orders on your homeworld fleets. Try this:


XEXPL Fleet #501

XOC #501, (Pop #), All


XOC #501, (pop #), All


You must have cargo holds and possibly fighter bays or drone racks on your homeworld ship design.

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