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Can someone clarify the working of rangers?

I don't understand it completely.


They have a SMR of three and when they are at the target they will be measured against the security rating.


What security rating? > Of SECs batalions present?

Suppose an assassination on an army commander. The army is in the province. What security rating is present in the province? Same as the city or does an army has it's own rating.



Rangers move 3SMR, can you pass through enemy territory over more turns so ending up anywhere you want them too?

Example moving them 6SMR in 2 two turns and strike there.


What happens if you give a battalion the assignment to assassinate somewhere and the target is not there. Is the battalion lost?


Who is advocating the use of Rangers and why?


Thanks again, :thumbsup:

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A commander attached to an army can not be assasinated. Only commanders in a city can be targetted by a ranger.


A ranger can only travel 3 provinces and than, in the same turn, must complete its mission.


At the target there is a chance that a ranger is succesful. The presence on security at the target (SEC rating) lowers the chance of the ranger succesfully penetrating to the target. Also the enemy SEC trainingprogram can lower the chance for succes.

After giving a ranger the order, it is always lost, whether succesful or not. Even if a supposed target is not present.


Ranger attacks can sometimes be useful. When you have to attack a defended coast with CHAB and CLAB, a ranger attack can destroy 1 coastal defence battalion.

Killing enemy commanders is also useful. You have only limited commanders and commanders can give you an edge in any combat. If you can kill the enemy commanders, it is a great loss for your enemy. The best target to kill the commanders early in the game is the nations capital. All the commanders start there. Most likely, some are still present early in the game.

So, if you do not know where to send your rangers: Target the HQ in the enemy capital.


Hope this helps.



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More comments -


Ranger BNs can be delivered via air (requiring Special Operations air units) or via sea (any naval unit although submarines are the most commonly used). Ranger BNs have to be assigned to a naval force for the latter and in the city where the Special Operations air units are based for the former. There are specific missions (OMA and OMN) for execution of Ranger missions.


There are a wide range of Ranger missions available - the most commonly used ones are probably assassination missions vs enemy commanders and raids on enemy air bases. Army commanders cannot be targeted while attached to an army force and naval commanders cannot be targeted while aboard ship to air force generals are the most likely targets :thumbsup:


Build Security BNs (fixed defenses) in your cities to guard against Ranger operations.


Another common use for Ranger BNs is to place them in cities which may soon fall to enemy forces. The Rangers do not contribute to the base defense of the city but if the city does fall they will disperse and assist the local partisans (resulting in an immediate spike in partisan activity for that city). A good way to irritate the enemy :lol:




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Will people in Game 71 be able to build more than 2 Rangers per turn, since it is an advanced start at Turn 25 (i.e. 48 potential Rangers that no one gets to build as I understand the rules)?  :P

Normal build limits apply.


We'd see some living wave Ranger assaults if folks started off with 48 Ranger BNs :cheers:



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Is it possible to drop off 2 or more Ranger Bns with 1 OMA/OMN order. For example I have an air force with 3 Special Air air groups. Can I assign 3 Ranger Bns to this group and then, using 1 OMA order, drop all three at an enemy air base?



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Is it possible to drop off 2 or more Ranger Bns with 1 OMA/OMN order. For example I have an air force with 3 Special Air air groups. Can I assign 3 Ranger Bns to this group and then, using 1 OMA order, drop all three at an enemy air base?

You would have to split the 3 Special Operations groups off into seperate forces. Each OMA, SA mission counts as a primary mission for the air force so each force can only participate in one mission per turn. The same holds true for naval operations - the OMN, SN mission counts as a primary for the naval force.


In the case of OMA, SA missions, the Ranger BNs only need be assigned to the city where your special ops units are basing. Each Special Operations unit needs to be at full strength to execute the mission so if you are executing missions each turn, make sure to draw up any flak losses, etc.


In the case of OMN, SN missions, the Ranger BNs need to be assigned to the naval force that is to execute the mission. The unit does not have to be at full strength but you will have to contend with enemy naval/air interdicts in order to survive long enough to execute the mission.



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To continue this.

I just the rules again.


What is the point in having an inherent SMR of 3 with the rangers when they can't move through enemy occupied territory.


I can imagine they would like to stroll around. Walking to the beach, take some R&R. Enjoying the country side.

But why would a dictator want his rangers do that. If you want them somewhere else, I rather just build new ones where you want them to be.


So, my question is..what is the definitoin of enemy occupied territory?



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Ranger BNs have an inherent 3 SMR movement ability that they can use when executing a mission via the OMR order. You can not pass through neutral territory but may pass through allied and totally allied territory in addition to your own. The final location of your route would be enemy territory and would be the target location (either province or city depending on the mission type).


In essense, Ranger BNs can move overland to their target but can not move through neutral territory and may only move into one enemy-controlled province (the final one). You can launch missions into enemy territory that is adjacent to friendly territory (just behind front lines) but you can not launch missions deeper into enemy territory (through 2 or more provinces) without using air/sea assets to deliver your rangers to the target.


The example from the orders supplement is:




Offensive Mission Ranger, xNachod, HQ, Dresden, Leipzig, xBerlin


The Ranger BN is currently located in the city of xNachod. The unit will move into the province of Dresden then Leipzig (both under your control) and enter the province of Berlin (enemy control). The unit's mission is to enter the city of xBerlin and attempt to kill an enemy special commander.



In this example, if either Dresden or Leipzig were under enemy control or under the control of a neutral (no agreement or non-aggression pact) nation then the order would fail.


Hope that makes sense,




Edit: Spelling correction.

Edited by RTGRuss
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