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VOEP vs. Windows 10 ?

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Hello all. I'm new here, recently retired and would like to get into a game or 2 of Victory. Is there a trick to downloading the VOEP files and getting it to work properly in Windows 10? I'm not a complete neophyte in regards to computers, but I'm having a rough go getting VOEP downloaded and working.

I almost started playing back in the 90's, but 60 + hours working and a family decided things different. Look forward to giving the game a go. Any other help would be appreciated.

Robert "Doug" Steinberg


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Hey Doug,

Welcome back! What seems to be the problem with VOEP on Windows 10? It works fine for me on Windows 11 and has worked fine on Windows 10 for years.

Best program ever! But I may be biased.... (I made it.)



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After a lot of tinkering, I finally got it to run. I believe I can run turns through it. I believe anyway. Until I actually use it for a game it might be a different story. 

Does it work with the Tech and Victory rules set? I mean when I click the help link, it doesn't show anything. Has the headers, but nothing else??? I know I'm doing something wrong, but that's nothing new :) It might not be set up for the help link? 

By the way, thanks Nils for getting back to me. Sorry for the troubles. 




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