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Not at all. I am not the original Ainur player. He, Glamdring, had to quit shortly after Covid hit. We were adjacent allies and he passed control of the Ainur to me. The rumor you saw was when I took direct control of a dropped homeworld I helped the Ainur take over. After I took control of the Ainur, it seemed simpler to change the ownership of the captured homeworld to the Eridani Enclaves.

And I would like to establish peaceful relations with the Zheerlikou'valkannaiee if you are so inclined.


Lord Deependra, I appreciate you passing along messages for us. I have communicated with 2 other inmate players in the past and currently. I have no problem with communicating with Jonathan directly. Please pass along my email address of chaosian@hotmail.com to him so we can establish direct communications.

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